in the middle

Researching middle children.

The Middle Child: The Peacemaker

If you are a middle child, you are probably understanding, cooperative and flexible, yet competitive. You are concerned with fairness. In fact, as a middle child, you are likely to pick an intimate circle of friends to represent your extended family. It is here that you will find the attention likely lacking in your family of origin. As a middle child, you receive the least amount of attention from family and as a result, this family of your choice is your compensation. As a middle child, you’re in very good company with notable U.S. Presidents and celebrities such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Steve Forbes. Though often a late bloomer, you find yourself in power careers that allows you to use your negotiating skills… and get that all too-needed attention.

You and your older sibling will never excel at the same thing. The personality trait that defines you as a middle child will be opposite of that of your eldest and youngest sibling. But those wonderful social skills that you have learned as the middle child — negotiating and navigating within your family structure — can prepare you for an entrepreneurial role on a large scene.

I relate to all of this.  I’ve spent my entire adult life for the most part in an entrepreneurial role.  I’ve always described myself as a late bloomer.  Cindy used to say at the dinner table growing up “how come no one ever listens to Kathy’s stories?”.

I was born to be in the middle and found myself on the front lines.

Yet, because of the adaptability that came with the role, I stand here too on solid ground. Often wanting to hide.

3 thoughts on “in the middle

  1. Glad you allow us to be a part of this amazing introspection of your life. Sometimes, sad, sometimes informative, but always a sharing of more than just the words.


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