First day


I made it all the way up here to the beautiful, charming, welcoming city of Edmonds WA!  I arrived yesterday early afternoon and spent my day settling in, organizing my space so it’s ready to support me getting my creative mind on.


My hosts here are so lovely and left me a fruit bowl, chocolates, champagne, OJ and cream for my coffee.  I had carried a bottle of wine with me so popped that sucker, had some of my cheese and snacks for dinner and promptly passed out on the sofa for an hour.


I can’t say enough how much I love this space.  It’s the perfect combination of cozy and spacious.  The view is just beyond!  I have a fireplace but haven’t fired it up yet.  I may tonite as it’s colllllld here.  When I went out this morning my car registered 36 degrees..brrrrr.



I woke up at 3am bright eyed so decided to just get up and get started.  That’s the beauty of having no schedule–you can get up when you are awake and sleep again when you’re tired.  I’m sure I’ll take an afternoon nap.

I came close to completion on a chapter in the wee hours as I watched the sun come to glowing over the Sound.  I’m in an absolute Heaven here.


I’ll share a small taste of my morning writing….I also started my “word wall” but my post its keep falling off.  It’s surprising how much sound those little suckers can make in a quiet space.


Oh and I found the music channels on the TV so I have some good tunes and candles and everything I need.  I couldn’t love this life anymore right now.


pulled this card at 3am

Ok, here is a small sample of my morning writings…hope it keeps you interested for the book.  I’ll keep sharing along the way.  Happy Monday all!

One late night in Santa Monica, when Buddha was likely in her 80’s, she revealed a long buried story to Cindy and I about the Vivienne scandal.  This conversation occurred years after she’d silently become aware that our father had quietly introduced us to “that woman”, the symbol of her deepest betrayal, and hidden our visits to Vivienne from my Grandma’s view.  Or at least we thought they were hidden.  As a family we would take these long crazy camper trips “to the East” which involved spending time with family and friends along the way, finally landing in what my father referred to in a childhood essay as “the happiest place on Earth”;  Wells Beach Maine.  In 1971 my father purchased, along with his cousin, an oceanfront cottage on that beach which we would visit for two weeks every summer piling in cousins and friends and food and wildness.  Big lobster dinners, long card games, lazy summer days and not without it’s dramas.  That cottage, The Monkeyspoon it was named, would be the last place we were together, intact as a family before Cindy was taken from us.  It was the last place anyone in my family, including Buddha, ever saw her except me.

Believe it or not, this is a chapter about my wealthy paternal grandfather and the roots of my father’s life.  Tangents…gotta love ’em.

Ok, back to the keyboard!  Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “First day

  1. Very interesting, but the first sentence should be Cindy and me. Take out the Cindy and. If you’d say me with that gone, then use me.


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