Day 2 – 3am


The second day in a row I’ve awakened at 3am and started writing.  An interesting little pattern.  A very long piece emerged this morning about abuse.

Here is a snippet:

My father, determined to avoid conflict at all costs, ignored my hysteria and chose to believe her when she said “I said nothing of the kind” in her slow southern drawl.  I was sent to my room in punishment and that was that.  It’s likely my problems with claustrophobia and anxiety began that very day.  We were trapped and we knew it.  No one was coming to the rescue and this was our life now.

As we went on to pretend to the world that we were ok, everything was fine, we were normal.

Later, once it gets light, I’ll be retrieving the trial/investigation materials from my car and begin diving in to those.  Please send a good thought my way as that will not be easy.  But I’m ready.

5 thoughts on “Day 2 – 3am

  1. Sending you strength and courage to get you through this next process!! Thank you in advance for your your writing as I know your story will touch so many other peoples lives! Much love to you!


  2. I heard once that the “wee” hours of the morning are when God/The Universe speaks to our souls and our path is given clarity. Strength and clarity to you during this process, Kathy!


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