Day 7 – evening


glorious sunset from my patio…breathtaking!

Finally getting around to making a post today.  My hosts are having some trouble with their router so it was down for awhile this morning and then I went out for some fresh air.


First though, I spent some time with the research I’m embroiled in.  Today I read Anke Dorn, the killers’ accomplice, tooth pulling “confession” which was more like “unless you start telling the truth you will be going to prison just like those two men you are traveling with”.  She was so reticent but finally served it up.  I have heard this story countless times but to see those words in the transcript, wow, that sure brought things home.

I also got a huge brainwave (as my Grandma would call it) about a very innovative way to lay out that portion of the book while still keeping it a memoir.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this and knowing how “true crime junkies” think, this will be a very appealing way to read the story.  And interesting.  Stay tuned…


I also ended up reading the defense expert Vincent DiMaio’s fiasco of a testimony for the defense when he flipped for the prosecution.  So fascinating to also see that in black and white.  Talk about being owned.  That is actually going to be a very satisfying part of the book to write.

After spending time reading and making an outline and list for info/how to lay it out/what I still need and pouring through my box of hundreds of documents (again), I headed out in to the sunshine.


Gorgeous day in Edmonds today–56 and sunny.  So refreshing outside!

I stopped at a little restaurant I know and sat on the enclosed patio with a view of the Sound, enjoyed a split of champagne, bacon wrapped dates, Caeser salad and some tortellini.  I was there almost two hours it was just that leisurely.

wpid-2015-01-25-12.47.36.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-01-25-13.09.11.png.png

I then went for nice walk along the boardwalk by the marina.  Since it was Sunday, lots of people were around.  The parking lot was twice as full as I’ve ever seen it.  I wandered around until I got kind of sleepy, headed for some shopping then home.  I was too full to even eat dinner so had a small snack, chatted with my man on Facetime and watched some TV.


All in all it was a challenging then beautiful day.  I feel inspired that I got this idea for how to organize things and make the story even more compelling.  That’s all i can say about that as I don’t want to give it away just yet.

Thanks as always for reading out there…maybe tomorrow I will do some more writing.  I still have 2 1/2 weeks here alone so plenty of time to write a whole lot more.  I want to scale down through all of this material though so for my next phase of writing I don’t have to cart all of it around.  I now have two smallish piles…but then again a laundry basket filled with huge spiral notebooks of trial testimony.  It’s a lot.  But I can do it.


can you find me in this photo?

More manana…..nite.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – evening

  1. Thanks for bringing me along on your journey. It feels as if my sister (if I had one) is on a great fact seeking/book writing retreat and I anxiously wait to hear from her at least twice a day. At least one person is thinking and praying and sending comfort and warmth to you dear Kathy. If you need
    anything just send me a sign.
    You can and will do this well!!!

    It’s Goldie from websleuths. Now you know me as Helen for helping with the Alexanders.
    Peace be with you and love surround you. Treasure

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  2. Finally got caught up with your journey so far. So proud of you!! You have such courage to put yourself through all this pain again but I know you’ll be better for it in the end.
    I’m picturing you on a book tour explaining your process and how you’ve been healed in part from telling your story.
    Hang in kiddo!! {HUGS}

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