Day 10 – morning

Greetings from the double digits! It’s a semi cloudy cool day in Edmonds and I woke up rearin to go.  Yesterday was a cloudy drizzling day all throughout and so was my motivation.  I managed to get to the store, take a long shower, shave my legs, do a facial masque, condition my hair, do some laundry and a whole lot of wedding/honeymoon planning.  I did do some reading, completing a long interview with a jail house snitch and another one with Michael Apelt but that was it.


At the end of the day when the rain hit hard, I made a fire in the fireplace, talked to my man on Facetime and fell asleep watching TV on the couch.  I ended up with a very restful sleep and it’s just what I needed to begin again today.

I’ve decided to go easy on myself with this process.  As I reviewed my day with John yesterday and talked about how I got basically no writing done at all besides one blog post, he reminded me that I’m deep diving in to very difficult material–it’s not just like researching a remote historical event in history–and rest will be important.  So then I gave myself a pat on the back for completing the “extreme self care” part of my plan and all was good.


There is no accident he felt compelled to propose to me at the time he did.  For one reason, I love planning things so having something as fun and exciting and exhilarating and all other kinds of wonderful adjectives as a wedding and honeymoon to work on is a great respite from the grizzliness of a murder trial.  I’ve found myself kind of focused on that aspect of things because it’s the roll I’m on and I really do need to wade through these thousands of pages so I don’t have to keep carting them around.  I’m in a distilling down mode which is also helping me figure out exactly what’s important in this story to tell (because I think all of it is).


After all of these years following murder trials (Scott Peterson, Jodi Arias and many others via Court TV but those were the ones I was most active in) I know how true crime junkies think. I know that police reports and interviews and autopsy reports and testimony in their exact form are interesting –not an interpretation of them but their exact form.  So it’s important I edit out just what are the most heavy hitting points and excerpts to focus on.  My pink highlighter is getting a workout.


Speaking of workout I sit here with my workout clothes on ready to hit the gym because I have energy and frankly, my fiance has this rockin hot body from working out all the time. Although he has made it very clear on every single level that he loves me and is attracted to me exactly as I am (isn’t that nice?), I still want to get myself to a new there.  I don’t know about you but I gotta find my motivation where I can find it.  😀


that’s him after a hard workout at his home gym

I’m pulling in trial transcripts today and I’ll start some writing…probably at the beginning…did you know these murderers stole the very car they took to the airport to even get to the States?  Nice.  Pre-911 freedom in travel.  They’d never make it here now.

Ok, more later…..Happy Hump Day all!


One thought on “Day 10 – morning

  1. Smart man you have, Kathy! The book doesn’t have to be finished on a deadline, so it is OK to take care of you along the way. And having such a glorious project like planning a wedding/honeymoon is just the right prescription to balance the difficult task you have. Best of everything to you!


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