Day 13 – evening


Good evening from Edmonds after a slow, relaxing day.  My brain just wasn’t engaging today so made it another kind of creative “spa day” – conditioning my hair, doing my nails, a facial and my host popped by with a bouquet of camellias for me from the bush outside my door.


I did do a bit of writing this morning on another topic altogether.  It was nice to get my brain out of murder and abuse for a bit.  I have a pretty good little essay on something near and dear to my heart that I think I will peddle to some other sites after a little more marinating.  It was a fun one to write.

John and I also Facetimed for a couple of hours working on getting him a blog set up for his new venture and some writing projects.  It was fun working together like that.  We are so easily compatible it’s still kind of shocking. At the end of each day we review all the cool things we learned or accomplished together.

I don’t think I’ve ever had this fun with a man in my life.  We made a date for our little work appointment today.  I got up and got dressed for it thinking he’d still be in his robe as he loves to spend his days off in his fleece robe.  Imagine my shock when I signed on to this man in a shirt, sportcoat and tie!  It was completely hilarious.


He was just sitting there with this serious look on his face like “Whaaat?”.  I love that he’s so full of surprises and spontaneity.

I finally threw in the towel on brain work in the afternoon and watched a super interesting movie on Netflix called Tabloid.  It’s about a crime in London and this wacky lady who committed.  She’s a high functioning very disturbed woman who is interviewed throughout the whole movie.  You can’t tear your eyes away from her, she’s that nutty.  Actually she reminded me a lot of Jodi Arias in her delusions but without the extreme violence.  I like documentaries like that and thought this was well done.


Still not sure if I’ll venture out to watch the Superbowl tomorrow somewhere.  Not really feelin the crowds situation at the moment but we’ll see.  I’m really enjoying the quiet alone time truth be told.

Nite all…….sweet dreams.

One thought on “Day 13 – evening

  1. I am riveted as well. Your awesome photographs give a peek into the inside and outside of your very unique place for writing. It helps to know that all is not as the dark areas you must trespass. The book is going to be very good and you give enough snippets to draw me the reader in. Thank you for sharing this private/personal journey. (My first choice/guess is May 25, 2015).


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