Day 14 – morning


I’ll just say it.  It is very satisfying to kick someone’s ass, who deserves it, in your book.

Let me put this a more genteel way.  It’s very satisfying to expose the truth about someone who got away with a whole lot of damaging behavior in your past, through your book.

Or in another way, it is very satisfying to be a participant in karma in action.

Or another way yet, it just feels damn good to tell the truth.


Here are some excerpts from this morning’s writing.

She’d never had a close relationship with my Grandma.  In fact, it had been one filled with turbulence for three decades and no real love.  Marj hadn’t prepared her own tribute to read, nor would anyone have expected that of her.  We knew the deal between them very very well.  It was odd that she would volunteer to read this for my brother and that it wasn’t shuttled to me, a sibling; a grandchild.

Then later:

I looked out at the grievers assembled and caught a striking view of Marj in the second row, next to my father, arms crossed tightly, right leg over left and that toe sharply chopping the air in front of her as she fixated on it with narrow dark eyes.  Her anger was always so palpable to me.  And still, I was not about to allow that bitch to mark this ceremony as I delivered John’s redacted speech, written by her and with other nefarious, some might say downright evil intentions. 

But we weren’t finished with this plan of hers.  Not by a longshot.  There was another ceremony coming and she was not about to let this go.   I may have won this battle but the War was far from over.


It’s a gorgeous blustery day here in Edmonds and I woke up rested and ready to rumble.  Much like those football players are feeling I imagine.

And now I’m goin back in.

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