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Martin Luther King Jr. had a huge influence on me as a child. In fact, I was the one and only child who volunteered from my 3rd grade class in white suburbia to be bused in to “the black neighborhood” for my last three years of grade school. I was the only one in my family to make this decision. I did it in the name of Dr. King.

The timing of this and what’s happening this week is not lost on me. My father and I, along with our Victim’s Rights attorneys and advocates, are meeting with the Attorney General’s office this week related to Cindy’s murderer. It could be a game changer and I will write about it when I feel it’s appropriate.

For now, I just ask that you send us good energy this Friday Jan. 22 as our lives could significantly change in a positive direction related to this Hell we’ve lived in with the death penalty for 26 years.

I nod to you Dr. King as well with gratitude for your unending brilliance.

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