round 2


In 5 days I’ll be driving back to Edmonds for just a little over four weeks to, hopefully, finish the book. I’m back in the gathering stage, picked up a few new materials from Cathy Hughes to research and have most of my personal belongings already packed.

My landlady is all ready for me at the wonderful studio I stayed in last year and wrote me to say they’ve boosted the wifi and created a whole new work station for me. How cool is that?

I’m also preparing to work with a coach/editor on preparing a formal book proposal, editing what I have and moving forward in those directions (!).

I’m really ready to dive back in to this project and continue on the healing journey it’s been taking me on. I’ve had it on a pause for about a  year so it’s time. Many big things have happened in my personal life and with our case since then so it will be interesting to see where all that takes me with the writing.

I’ll be posting as I go along as I’ll be there by myself for the most part and blogging helps me feel less alone. I’d love it if you joined me.


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