run for the border



Just a very quick flyby as I rush out the door to make a run for the (Canadian) border to meet with my editor. I’m really looking forward to this meeting as I have so many questions and need guidance!

We’re meeting on the US side but bringing my passport just in case I can meet with my other friend in Vancouver. Eh!

I did a ton of writing yesterday.

Here is a snippet, including an excerpt from Cindy’s own hand:

This moment is the pivot point where Michael knew he was firmly in control of Cindy’s marionette strings and the next step was obvious—from stealing her tips to life insurance. But he had to persuade her to marry him and in secret. And now he knew exactly how to do it: prey upon her guilt.

From her diary:


Since I put my last entry in here I can’t believe what has happened in my life. Only 11 days and I’m in a whirlpool situation. Annette and I met 2 guys from Germany and we’ve all gotten ourselves in a big pickle of a situation.

It’s hard to communicate my feelings to Michael—also some to Annette. I will write everything in here later—see how stressed out I am I am shaking. I stopped from my self esteem class to write this and center myself.

Catchya later tonight with hopefully my head filled with good ideas.


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