my sunset last evening

I need to take a little break. I’ve been reading testimony this morning about Cindy’s autopsy and yeah, I need a break.


My little pet squirrel Rocky is getting braver all the time. He comes to the French doors and practically knocks with his little paw pressed against the glass. I’ve started inviting him in with almonds on the welcome mat rug and, just now, with the door open for the gorgeous chilly breeze, he just jumped across the threshold and started poking around. Pretty soon he’ll be snuggling with me at night. 😉


Today is going to be a serious writing day. Before 8am I’d already added significant info to two chapters. And have started on one of the major chapters about Rudi Apelt’s trial and their expert witness who flipped on them. I guarantee it’s one of the most Perry Masonish moments you will ever hear or read about.



Here is my snippet for today:

“I can’t believe I’m going to pull this off”, Cathy shared with me in the days preceding her opening statement for Rudi’s trial. “Surely they’ve caught wind of this information by now”. My unshakable faith in her was undaunted even by her own doubts. I knew she was going to pull this out of her hip pocket and put the last nail in his coffin with it. Funny thing was, the defense handed her the hammer.

Rocky just came when I called his name..LOL. I love my little squirrel…he’s under my bed right now!



 End note: I’m so glad Leo DiCaprio won the Best Actor last night! I was a bit over all of the political statements through the whole show but I watched most of it (what was up with all the smashed boobs though?). I do love my movies and was also so glad I ventured out in the rain yesterday to see Spotlight again…it won Best Picture! Great flick if you haven’t seen it.

sparkling grapefruit soda and smashed boobs

Ok, back to research. Hope you’re all having a great Monday.

5 thoughts on “diversions

  1. KCL, you are too funny, even amidst all this hard-hitting writing.

    Rocky is adorable, but I am just a touch concerned, though I must admit I would be tempted to try coaxing them into my lap. Around here, the squirrels are known to be full of mites and/or fleas …. and indoors they will destroy a home in a flash. I hope Rocky has better manners for you. My brave lady…. in more ways than just one.

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