typing typing typing


Sorry I’ve been absent a couple of days. I’ve been writing writing writing so much I have a touch of carpal tunnel syndrome! I rested my hands yesterday and did more reading reading reading instead.

I’m juggling so many projects with the book–from sending out queries to agents (!!!) to writing a formal book proposal with the help of my coach/editor to researching and of course writing.


I don’t know how I could ever get a “writer’s block” as I have so many things I’m juggling at once. I still have just shy of 2 weeks here and I think I can accomplish my goals. The place looks like an explosion of papers and folders but wow, it’s exhilarating being in the middle of this process. I’m in my groove for sure. My Pacific Northwest caffeinated groove.


This morning I decided to dive in to a chapter of how Cindy met the monsters who murdered her. It’s not an easy one to write so I’m doing it first thing. I’m at least half way through now. Here is an excerpt:

Michael, to me, looked like a glossed up lounge lizard. He couldn’t have been more pretentious in his black tuxedo and gold chains. Bobby McGees, really? We are in Mesa, Arizona, not New York City– please, I thought.

It was loud so hard to even understand Annette and Cindy in full English, much less this guy with his heavy accent. I didn’t know one word of German beyond der WienerSchnitzel, a hot dog stand from our home town. Annette pointed Rudi out to me on the dance floor. I’d heard prior to meeting them the basic story—Annette had met these brothers a few nights before there, she knew the tall one would be totally Cindy’s type so set up another meeting where they could all four get together. Meaning Annette was with the other brother. Then why was he out on the dance floor with another chick? And, especially, why when she pointed him out to me, did he start blowing kisses in my direction? Gross. These guys were getting more annoying by the minute.

I’m bouncing from the trial, to the investigation, to more personal stories like this. It’s kind of an ADD style of writing but it works for me. If things get too heavy in one area, I bounce to another. I do want to get as much as I need from my thousands of pages of documents as it would be nice to not have to schlep them everywhere as I complete this book.


Tonight I will treat myself to a mini binge watch of House of Cards which was released today! Now that’s my kinda politics. I love that creepy show.

Ok, back at it. Thanks to those who have checked in with me. I’m doing great, just basically consumed by this. I think that’s good.

I’ll end with an endearing quote from Cindy’s journal which is staring up at me right now. highlighted with a yellow marker.

Kathy woke me to tell me her dream but I was in the middle of dreaming about her.


5 thoughts on “typing typing typing

  1. Love the quote from your sister..can’t wait to binge watch house of cards!!! Glad you have something to give you a break! Thanks for keeping us informed of the process. I just started reading “mother’s reckoning” by Sue Klibold about the Columbine Tragedy. So very heartbreaking..you are brave KCL to tell your story ..so very brave…prayers for strength and wisdom to guide you in your words… ♡


  2. I’ll have to start watching HOC ..it’s been on my watch list forever but there are SO MANY great shows these days. Glad things are going well for you. Thx for checking in.
    Wanted to give you a documentary suggestion “Mourning Son”. It’s Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction, and his journey thru he’s mother’s murder when he was 15. It’s eye opening, artistic, powerful. I think you’d get something from it.


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