another favor request :)


Happy Sunday!

I woke up this morning so happy. I had a wonderful evening out last night with my host here. She invited me up for a little Proseco and happy hour with her husband, then the two of us went out for a long dinner/girls night out.


my landlady popped down this evening with these homemade anise crackers and a little Proseco for me…she’s so sweet!


I loved our conversation. We both expressed feeling like our paths crossed for a reason, there is a natural camaraderie there. I’m really kind of sad about leaving in three days but it’s time. Knowing today was my last Sunday on this visit, I embraced it fully. I even went out and got myself a little burger and fries action. We were supposed to get this HUGE storm today with major winds, but it didn’t turn into much. I took this cool video though.

I decided today would be my last major writing day so got up and got at it. I wrote a chapter that was hard so decided I’d just go ahead and do it. It included Cindy’s autopsy and some other themes. I’ll grab a snippet.

The final wound Cathy addressed with the Dr. was the bruising on her forehead, in a series of recurring, defined, shapes.
Q: Doctor, referring to the pattern injury on the forehead of the deceased, did you form an opinion concerning what may have caused that injury?
A: I did.
Q: And what was your opinion?
A: My opinion is that that injury as consistent with having been produced with something like the sole of a shoe, for example.
Q: And how would that sort of injury have been inflicted?
A: By obviously that foot, that shoe, coming into prolonged contact, forcible contact with the side of the head. Either that or perhaps by being kicked in the head. But either one would be consistent.
Q: Which in your mind is the more likely?
A: Probably prolonged pressure with prolonged contact.

my favorite writing sweater, yes it’s shredded in a million places

Ok, so to my favor. It’s been suggested that I add to my book proposal, some blurbs from my readers, who are interested in buying the book when it comes out–specifically why they feel personally interested in reading it. If sending me something like that interests you–just 3 lines or so–please send to me at I’d really appreciate it! It won’t be published publicly, just to go for the proposal that I’m sending to the agent interested in me (and wherever it goes from there).

I’ll leave you with this lovely sunset I got tonight. I sure do love this slice of paradise.






2 thoughts on “another favor request :)

  1. I have followed your writings for a number of years (even before the Arias trial) and then 6 years ago “true crime” hit my family when my teenage niece was murdered. It appears the murderer is going to get a retrial. I am inspired by you and your determination to see this through. I look forward to reading your book. Good luck.

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  2. I adore your “writing sweater”! Kind of the adult teddy bear.

    it is hard to believe your time there is nearly done… it went so fast. I hope you are meeting your goals and the book gets published by the best.



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