here i go again

Well, after participating in Websleuths podcast a couple weeks back with Tricia Griffith, I got to thinking. As any of you following me here know, I’ve written 100% of this book in the Seattle area. I live my life by drawing firm boundaries around this material, one of which is that I don’t do any writing in my home (or bring any materials in here).

my beloved Edmonds

I got to thinking, that even though cross country travel isn’t in the cards right now (and how I miss Edmonds), maybe I could recreate something like that in my own back yard. I went to searching on Airbnb with some criteria that’s important to me and found a cozy space, with an expansive view and my own deck, next to the Susquehanna river and a fireplace about 12 miles from our home.

So I reserved it for just over a week, starting this weekend. I’m packing up everything I think I might need and running in to so many memories from my Edmonds trips. The nice thing about being so close, is I can bring all the totes containing all of the court records, that I hauled to Washington that first time. Obviously I wouldn’t fly with all of that (it’s like ten large plastic totes worth), so my generous husband has offered to go to check in with me on Sunday, and haul all of them up to the unit (yes it’s an upstairs loft), then return a week later and take them all back. It will be good having all that material at my fingertips again, to make sure I’ve got everything I need in the book.

For those who don’t know, this book is a true crime story wrapped in a memoir (or the other way around, not quite sure). I tell my own story, but most of the crime/trial/hearings/investigation etc. are told through exact materials from police reports/trial transcripts/interviews/my sister’s journal, etc. So getting those elements right is critical to the storytelling.

Anyway, as always, I will be posting daily as I’m writing. I can’t believe it’s all contained in this tiny thumb drive. I have over 30 complete chapters in there. I likely have 2-3 left to write. I will start, as always, by reading what I have start to finish, while taking notes.

Bringing all my comfort things along–candles, photos, “spa day” type stuff to keep me grounded.

I appreciate all of you who come along with me on this and offer your support, near and far, even if that is just reading here.

Wish me luck getting this finished, once and for all.

See you next week! xoxo

7 thoughts on “here i go again

  1. It’s been such a long process. Everything in it’s right timing. How will you feel when it’s done and published? Will there be a sense of completion? Will you always have to go back to keep the monster in jail? Will all the blessings you are now enjoying will it remain the hole in your heart? I’m so grateful for John and Lillian that fill your heart with joy. I wish you peace my friend.

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    1. You know, I contemplate those questions myself. Everyone said when the trials were over, there would be such a sense of relief. For me, it was panic as the grieving process was what was left. I wonder if there will be some of that here. But yes, likely a sense of completion and accomplishment. Parole hearings for Rudi will be every year–not sure if I will attend or speak at each one, but they will happen. Then of course Michael’s appeals go on and on. I think there will always be a hole in my heart, yet the heart can also expand and be open for more love. I hope I do Cindy and myself justice with this book. Love you.

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  2. First of all you look Fabulous!! I am so looking forward to your book, it is sure to be a best seller. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you finish your book. Be kind to yourself.
    To Katiecoolady from Goldie.

    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family and friends of Travis.


  3. Oh, Kathy. I know you want/need to be alone, but pretend I am there with you for just a moment, giving you a a big PRE-Covid hug!! You have more passion and strength than anyone I know. The love, anger, honesty, and tears you are putting into this is something I could never do. I admire you so much for seeing it through to completion! Love you, girl!


  4. Simply, I love you and am honored to come with you this week in my thoughts and prayers. This book is about healing, of my feeling is correct. Everyone’s healing, by telling the truth for yourself, for your sister, for Travis, and for the Universe….. who knows the justice that is being muttered out daily upon the heads of those who richly deserve it!


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