days 7 and 8

Had a beautiful day yesterday taking a gorgeous Fall country drive to a charming wedding venue and assisted my florist mentor creating this fantastic arch.

It was such a nice respite from all this dark material- and a perfect day to enjoy it. It started raining today and got quite cold.

I hunkered down all day today and was quite productive. Wrote most of another chapter and split one in two as it got too long. So many details I had forgotten about. The extent of these brothers’ cons to so many people in such a short time is astonishing. Then to know that people decided they have intellectual disability is insane. From all the luxury car dealers, jewelers, realtors and so many other women. They even faked one of their own deaths successfully at one point- for money of course. How much conning they packed in to three months is mind blowing.

Those are the chapters I worked on today.

Sleep continues to evade me. It was a rough night last night. I’m hoping this cold rainy day and this warm fireplace, help me crash tonight.

Wish me luck.

Some photos I found in a bin of our childhood, when everything was so innocent.

5 thoughts on “days 7 and 8

  1. I have followed you for sometime. As difficult as your writing must be, giving your sister a voice must be invigorating. I think of your brother as well, I hope he is still enjoying his choir.

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    1. Thank you! John is doing well but on a break from the chorus. Hopefully he will go back. He’s busy taking care of our Dad and doing great at it. He sends me lots of fun care packages lately, like cookies! 🍪


  2. your arch is stunning!!! hang in there, beautiful. i have been following you since day one. i see a light at the end of this very long tunnel. you survived. i wish your sister had as well. i am your age with a sister one year older and i can’t even imagine what your life has been like post Cindy. holding you in my heart. karen

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