day 9

My last day here and I pushed it! I scoured through all my records and finally found an entire testimony that I needed. A strange lover of Michael Apelt who stayed in contact with him after he went to jail, and gave this weird testimony that was for the State, but clearly trying to help him at the same time. Mind blowing.

I never left the pod all day. I worked and worked on that chapter and finished it. I cleaned up a bizarre assortment of leftover food I had- lettuce, cheese, apple, tortilla chips, ice cream sandwich and wine. Classy!

I feel good about all I got accomplished on this retreat. I have 39 chapters, mostly completed. I think I may actually do some more work on it at home. I think it’s pretty good.

I’ve been following that NXIUM case and today the leader of that creepy cult Keith Raniere was sentenced. He got life, basically. It was interesting doing this deep dive in to con men and sociopathy and following that at the same time. It’s a terrifyingly curious subject. May we all keep our hearts open and hold wisdom to avoid that insanity simultaneously.

Packing up

I hope my book ends up as a cautionary tale, as well.

I’m beat. I’ll keep you all posted going forward. For now, I’ll take a little break.

2 thoughts on “day 9

  1. This is a major accomplishment, bringing you closer to having the book published. You have worked so hard to get it just the way you wanted. I’m sure it will be an engulfing read for us. Something tells me Cindy is hanging around your shoulder with a special glow surrounding both of you.

    Safe travels home


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