full beautiful day

I woke up yesterday morning and wrote the story of Dad’s death last October. In many ways, for many reasons, I’ve only begun moving forward with the grieving process. Writing is helpful.

I reminded myself of the distinct difference in losing someone in a tragic way, long before it should be their time, to losing someone in the natural rhythm of life.

I’ve not gone back to what I wrote yet, but I will. Not just yet.


The mask making class was fun and wonderful to dive in to the timelessness of creative immersion. Here’s what I made. I’ll enjoy it in the Studio here for the week, then send it as a surprise to Lillian. I made it with her in mind. It’s a kitty cat!


As I drove back from downtown Seattle, I longed for a ferry ride, so that’s just what I did.

Edmonds behind me

A round trip with an immediate turnaround so I could catch the beautiful sunset. I so take to this life in the Northwest. I once again started dreaming of my screenplay idea involving a couple meeting on a ferry.

Came home and got enjoyed some Malbec and snacks and a fire.

All in all, a beautiful day. Just as my Dad would want for me.

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