Back at it


at my home away from home, hoping to get this book polished enough to take it back to agents. Hoping the one I ghosted isn’t holding a grudge. :/

Soent alllll day reading, editing, taking notes and taking trips down memory lanes- hard and beautiful. It’s a gorgeous rainy day in Edmonds and I have my beautiful view of the Sound as my ever-present friend.

Tomorrow I continue reading and note taking, seeing what holes need filling. It’s a lot. And it needs to be inclusive of all the important things.

I’ll add a snippet tomorrow. For now, it’s wine-down time in front of the fire.

4 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. I understand completely! Would love to have seen you again but I knew your time was so geared toward completing these chapters. Next time, I’ll look forward to seeing you if you’re able… maybe do lunch or dinner at my place! And I have wine 🍷!


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