I’ve spent the last two days, for hours on end, reading/editing/rearranging chapters/taking notes until my butt is entirely sore. I didn’t leave the Studio at all yesterday. It rained most of the day which made that easier.

It’s raining again today on this Easter morning, but I’ve decided to head out. There is a crepe place that is open today across the Sound. I’ll take the ferry over, grab a crepe, then ride back and get back to it. I need to do something outside of this intensity with my laptop. Also, I need to snag some toothpaste along the way. I’m down to like one drop.

I’ve been all over the map with my chapters, but will share one snippet of one about Cindy’s funeral. This book is getting closer and closer to fine. I think it’s good. It’s the kind of book I would definitely want to read. It’s heartbreaking, terrifying and redemptive. Cindy takes us all on a journey with her own words from her journal throughout. It’s alot.

Here is my snippet for today, then I’m back at it until I decide to head out to the ferry.

When I arrived to the back room of the funeral parlor, they were lined up like three Teutonic monkeys in chairs all in a row, as the minister discussed the service. See All Evil, Hear All Evil, Speak All Evil shoulder to shoulder.  I sat across the room from them, glaring at each one.  None of them looked up at me.  I had just met Rudi the one time at Bobby McGee’s, never met Anke, and of course had a few encounters with Michael.  They surely knew who I was.

After the instruction period was over, I stood up and walked to the murder trio like some kind of reverse reception line of wickedness and extended my hand to each one with intention.  I want you to look in my eyes and you will know that I know.  I stared at each one and only Anke looked up at me, tearfully. I glared straight in to her face I know what you did and you are not getting away with it was what flew out of my gaze.  I hope she caught it.

Hope you are all having a fantastic Easter and as always, thanks so much for coming along and supporting me with this.

3 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Thinking of you this Easter.
    Glad you are getting out for a Crepe. I can’t imagine the daunting task at hand.
    When you said closer to fine it reminded me if this song. Thought I would share.

    Happy Easter.
    Kim in NM


  2. This is powerful. I’ve no doubt your penetrating look into Anke’s face let her know that you knew. Thank you for sharing this. Your photos sure capture the essence of your space and Edmonds… the lovely weather we’re having. It’s 2:00 AM and I’m still relishing the silence from Easter. Hope your day was good.

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