Day 25 – my valentine arrived


John got here last night after a bit of unexpected travel turbulence — and that was before he even got on the plane.  He missed his first flight out of Harrisburg due to a mix-up but thankfully they were able to put him on another, better flight that had him with a shorter layover in Charlotte and a half hour earlier to Seattle.

What first looked like a potential disaster became a blessing. Are we surprised?


I drove over to the cellphone lot (aren’t those great?) at Seatac and he was texting me the whole way.  Once he got his bag and I drove over, he literally couldn’t figure out how to get outside (he was on the upper floor) he was so discombobulated from a day of travel and semi-chaos.  I was in the car at the curb pleading “just walk outside baby…just walk outside!“.  We were laughing so hard in the car.  Something as simple as walking out the door was this last challenge.

I was having a belly pain issue so we came back to the studio then went and took a walk down by the water.  It was great to just out and move in the quiet night.  As we drove through Edmonds, John was falling in love with it every bit as I am.  That was so wonderful to share as this place is so magical for me.  We both agreed we need to find a way to live here some day, at least part time.


After our walk, we returned to the Studio and popped open the small bottle of champagne that my hosts gifted me on Day 1.  I’d been saving it all these weeks to toast together.  I made one of my famous snack platters with cheese and apples and sushi and of course chocolate for my man and we sat in bed talking and laughing and kissing and eating and toasting and taking a few selfies.


I don’t look my best because I wasn’t feeling that well all day but this morning I woke up much more alive and radiant–hmmm,wonder why that is. 😉  It’s a thing called L O V E.


(someone kept telling me to scoot over and give him more space then I saw this–lol)

We’ve decided to take today to just restore and relax in the space.  John went crazy when he saw the view from the patio and also from the studio itself and kept oohing and ahhing and taking pics.  He did his morning meditation in front of the window facing the Sound and probably irreverent of me but I had to snap a pic.


What a luxury for both of us to take a day to just hang out, relax, eat good food, nap, restore and go where the wind takes us which might be just right here all day which is perfectly fine with me.


He’s had a majorly active and stressful last few weeks with few breaks so I’m so grateful and happy to see him snug as a bug in a rug like this.


We are so lucky. So incredibly lucky.  And we keep knowing it every minute.

As I sat to type I looked up and realized Cindy’s memorial service program has been in front of me the entire time I’ve been here — since Day One.  And inside it, are the lyrics of the song that played in the coffee shop day before  yesterday as I completed my 30th chapter.

wpid-20150212_125045.jpg wpid-20150212_125104.jpg

Magic is all around me.  I feel complete with the writing for this stage–except blogs of course.  I’m ready to pack up the binders of trial transcripts and files of police reports and luxuriate in this leisure time with my fiance.  I feel like I deserve it and feel really good about what I’ve done here.

More later….I may take a couple days off from blogging, you know, to be in love. As Cindy has reminded me and hopefully you, love is the answer. ❤

7 thoughts on “Day 25 – my valentine arrived

  1. I’m so happy for the both of you. You look perfect together.

    And, a man who meditates? Yes, please! 🙂

    Have a lovely, lovely time.


  2. I saw the photo of him meditating and thought to myself for the first time, ‘Hmm, he looks like Stuart Davis (the singer, not the painter) from the back. Then I saw a photo of his face and went ‘Oh, from the front too!’ LOL.


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