catching up


Greetings from Sedona!  I’m sorry I’ve been absent for over a week now.  It’s been a crazy busy time with my fiance arriving in Edmonds, having a fantastic time there exploring, writing, relaxing, a weekend in Seattle, long 3 day drive home, an overnight in Sedona, quick turnaround to Tempe then back to Sedona where we are now beginning the amazing Sedona Film Festival today!  My time is super limited as we are busy with films and kicked off with an Earth Wind and Fire tribute concert last night with one of the original members Larry Dunn–and a documentary about him this week which we will see!  We’ll also see films paying tribute to Orson Welles and Richard Dreyfuss (who is here).


I’m just going to offer a photo pictorial of the last week and wonderful images and times.  I remain in love, proud of myself for completing 30 chapters and now working on a screen play (or dreaming one up) with my love about life on the ferries in the Puget Sound.   What’s here is just a mishmash of photos from all along the way, packing up, ferries, the Great Wheel, champagne Valentine’s picnic in our room, coffee, etc. etc.

I’ll be heading over to PA to his remote home for two weeks in March to write write write again so stay tuned.  For now, I’m on a much needed break from it.

Enjoy the pics.  Oh!  Also we have a youtube video series where we are documenting our “First Words” (meaning literally the first words we ever exchanged) all over at random places.  We’re having a blast!

Here is our youtube channel with the videos called “Coolness” if you’d like to see more of our silliness.

Here is an example of one …yes we entertain ourselves.  So far we have 13 up. 😉

wpid-20150212_164640.jpg wpid-2015-02-12-17.39.31.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150213_120926.jpg wpid-20150213_172856.jpg wpid-20150213_220628.jpg wpid-20150214_152937.jpg wpid-2015-02-14-15.49.02.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-14-15.47.05.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-14-16.38.01.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-14-16.42.48.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150214_162742.jpg wpid-2015-02-14-16.33.13.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150214_195303.jpg wpid-2015-02-15-06.35.46.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150215_061133.jpg wpid-20150215_112904.jpg wpid-2015-02-15-11.33.53.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150215_120021.jpg wpid-2015-02-16-09.17.23.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150215_125446.jpg wpid-20150215_124551.jpg wpid-20150215_200024.jpg wpid-2015-02-17-08.12.18.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150216_123642.jpg wpid-20150216_132543.jpg wpid-20150216_140353.jpg wpid-20150216_140603.jpg wpid-20150216_140553.jpg wpid-2015-02-16-17.52.43.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-17-23.08.13.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-17-10.41.07.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150217_143442.jpg wpid-20150217_163446.jpg wpid-20150217_164308.jpg wpid-2015-02-17-22.28.32.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150218_090342.jpg wpid-2015-02-19-02.08.33.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-19-12.52.46.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150220_104727.jpg wpid-20150220_161557.jpg wpid-20150220_194157.jpg

4 thoughts on “catching up

  1. I have the biggest smile on my face while watching your video & viewing pics. You’re like two peas in a pod. It’s wonderful to see you in love & happy and enjoying this time in your life. You deserve it, I don’t know you, Kathy, but I just know you deserve this. Cheers!
    P.S. Hi John, you crack me up!


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