winding down


twinkle lights are my Prozac

It’s interesting, being on an immersive experience like I have been, then crawling out of it. I’d made a decision to stop writing yesterday but woke up, as usual, with my head filled with ideas I had to get down.

The first thing I did though when I woke up, was fold the sofabed back into it’s nested position, returning it to a sofa vs the huge writing surface I used for three weeks. Last time I was at my desk and a reading chair. This time, the sofabed. I packed up all the large, black binders filled with the trial and placed them back in the laundry basket. My husband won’t be here to pack my car in the perfect way he did coming here so I’ll have to figure that out this afternoon.


I went and filled up about 10 water bottles I’d been saving from the natural spring here, so we will have that to hydrate us the drive home. John comes tomorrow, will fly in late, take a taxi then ferry to Bainbridge Island where I’ll spend the day waiting for him. We’ll have one full day there, resting and lollygagging, before we hit the road trip again back to Phoenix.

I’m sad and happy. I could have used two months. But, I still got a whole lot done and feel accomplished and proud.

I took myself out for a celebratory French dinner last night, at the place I remember always as the best steak I ever had. It’s true french cooking. I watched the sunset from their closed-in porch and saw three trains pass by. I felt like my husband was with me, the train nut that he is.

I both dove inside and reached out, making great connections while I was here this time. I always leave this place thinking about the next time I can come back. This is my happy place.


yes, The Bachelor 😉

Off to the Korean Spa this morning for a vigorous scrub. I think that’s just fitting.

Then back to pack, and clean my special slice of Heaven.

Thanks for being along for the ride and a special thank you to those who reached out with blurbs. Aside from getting your useful words, it’s nice to know who’s out there reading me! That’s the whole point, ya know, to not feel alone.

Cheers for now.



2 thoughts on “winding down

  1. Even when we are quiet, many of us are still there with you, wherever you may be. It has been, and continues to be, such an honor to be part of your “trips”. May your days be filled with love, pride, and many more accomplishments as you travel along your paths.


  2. I guess it’s good to leave wanting more time. Enjoy your day with John, has he ever been up that way? It will be fun to see it new thru his eyes if not. Safe travels my friend!


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