Day 8 – bedtime


Today I focused more on the “extreme self care” part of my journey up here than the writing part but I did continue with my dive in to that box of reports and read a really bizarre lengthy one.  It was an interview with a former cellmate of Michael Apelt whom he was attempting to hire to commit a copycat crime so he could be out of jail “in two weeks” thus avoiding a trial and , the most important thing, get “(his) money”.  Disturbing to say the least.


I woke up early to a gorgeous sky and then found my gym.  A bit of a drive but worth it–had a good workout then session on the hydromassage table. It’s directly adjacent to a large bookstore so I see a combo trip in my future.  I cooked tonite and ate healthy and had a long talk with my man about our wedding and honeymoon which I spent quite a bit of time on this morning.  It was good for my mood.  I’m so lucky to have him in my life, especially at this time.

Shhhh though on the wedding…it’s kind of being kept under wraps for the moment.  We’re basically eloping, in style.  😀

wpid-2015-01-26-21.43.22.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-01-26-21.42.51.jpg.jpeg

I ran in to these old newspaper articles while digging.  Tomorrow, I’ll get in to the binders of trial transcripts and continue my outline.  Tomorrow, I devote to writing.  I need to start getting to paper some of the thoughts on all of this research I’ve been doing.  This is going to be quite the process but it’s a good thing I’m on no one’s time frame but my own.


today’s view from my writing desk

G’nite all.

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